Firework Prohibition

Please do not let off any fireworks in the Silvesterzauber area. The fireworks ban will be implemented by police and security personel. All pyrotechnical articles will be conviscated for your safety and the people responsible will be brought to charges. By setting off fireworks in the Silvesterzauber area you might harm yourself or others. Please leave all pyrotechnical articles at home. Thank you!

Be attentive

Public events such as the Silvesterzauber are joyus and bring many visitors to the city. But there is also a hightend risk of pocket thieves, which is why we reccomend paying careful attention to your belongings. Please find more information here.


On the 31st of December the Silvesterzauber comittee can be reached at +41 43 344 52 39 in cases of emergency.

Police 117

Fire departement 118

Ambulance 144

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Verein Silvesterzauber Zürich
8027 Zürich
Tel. 043 344 52 39